Prince Michel

Let’s talk wine.

Another place that helped friends and I through the pandemic was Prince Michel Vineyards in beautiful Madison County. Located in the Northern part of the county and one of the easiest vineyards to get too. It is located on an old rest area right on Route 29 in Leon, VA. 

And for full disclosure I do have a wine club membership with them

I remember when they opened when my son was a wee lad and we went to their first wine festival. I remember serving their wines at the Little Chef Restaurant when I was very young. My best friend’s husband worked there back in the day. So as you can tell, I have history and memories with this vineyard.

Fast forward to 2 years ago, when my roommate, Tom and I ran across one of our favorite Managers, Heather at PM. We could be called her fan club and for good reason…she is amazing at her job. We have known her for many years at different places and those places did very well under her guidance. 

The wines at Prince Michel have only become better with time. I have over the years not been a fan of red wine in Virginia but since moving back, my mind has slowly been changed. I have always enjoyed the whites and sparklings available here in Virginia but reds not so much.

Something else you should know is not only do they have wine for all taste buds but beer and cider…and yes I have tried both. With all three, your friends and you can pretty much cover all tastes. Now let’s talk about the fun stuff… first music, they have a wide range of live music that plays here and most local. They have a trivia night on Monday. Their kitchen is getting better all the time or you can bring your own. You can reserve outside areas for your get togethers.

Then there are the slushies… During lockdown, you could get a drive thru slushies! Sometimes this was the only thing that kept me sane during last year’s lockdown in the beginning days. Just getting out and driving there if only for a slushie was mind saving. And my hats off to the owners for keeping us and their staff safe during the crazy times. It was at one point my only place I felt safe going.

I always say when possible, get bottles to drink while at a vineyard if you’re planning on staying there. Remember you can cork it and take it home with you. The cost at Prince Michel for bottles is very reasonable and beers and ciders as well. And don’t forget the slushies!

Till next time Blessed be from The Sipping Witch!


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