Stone Mountain Vineyard

My first visit was when the original owners had it and that was when I fell in love with the view. Kirk and Tom took me there on Mother’s Day, when I was missing my son , who was in California. They cheered me up with great company, beautiful view, and great wine. These are the memories that make life great. In the years to follow, many more memories were made with friends!

The vineyard was then sold to an amazing couple, who have expanded it to be a favorite local place literally in my backyard. They added bands, bigger decks, and food. Not including taking their wines to the next level.Your friends and you can bring food or enjoy pizza and cheese plates. Celebrate inside or outside. It is a very memorable first date adventure.

The small local bands are the best part. They have their groupies who follow them and do not be surprised if one of them grabs you and asks you to dance. You will sing and dance and I hope you have as much fun as my friends and I. Now as a side note, never follow your GPS to it…unless you like wagon trails through the mountains. Best story ever was a Subaru, coming up through the woods out into the vineyard to everyone’s surprise. Also the road up is gravel and have a DD, please.

Till next time, Slainte!

The Sipping Witch

Stone Mountain Vineyards
1376 Wyatt Mountain Rd, Dyke, VA 22935
(434) 990-9463

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